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SUNSET BEACH - Trish Perry - Free Book

Hi, Trish, welcome back. God has really been moving in your writing life. What do you see on the horizon?

Yes, I’ve definitely learned that I can’t keep up with what God is doing in my life! I’m at the point where I just tackle what I can each day and trust He’ll keep everything in order. With regard to the horizon, I’m honestly not sure. I have proposals for six different books floating out there, and I’m overdue in getting another one together. I know the Lord is going settle the right story into my lap.

Tell us a little about your family.

I’m a single mom who is about a year away from being an empty nester. I don’t like that last part! My son and I have a great relationship—we make each other laugh all the time—and I’m cherishing this last year with him home. My beautiful daughter is my best friend. She blessed me with my hilarious grandson six years ago, and she’s getting remarried (in Jamaica!) in eight months. I’m amazed at how beautifully the Lord blessed me with my brilliant, funny, kind children.

Has your writing changed your reading habits? If so, how?

I read more Christian fiction than I used to. I’ve always been fine with reading secular work, and I like just about every genre. I enjoy serious, literary work as much as I enjoy light, funny reads. But since getting further enmeshed in the Christian publishing industry, I’ve learned more about all of the excellent books out there written with a Christian worldview. I find it hard to keep up with all of the books I want to read, which I know is a common dilemma.

What are you working on right now?

As I mentioned above, I’ve been putting together proposals for a number of different books. Some of them are projects I’ve wanted to work on for a few years, and some of them are brand new, triggered by requests or ideas from publishing houses. So my writing has been focused on early chapters and book summaries. I’m itching to dive into one of these projects; I just need to know which (if any) will be required of me first!

What outside interests do you have?

Since becoming a single woman I’ve been amazed by all of the women in my church who are in the same position, either through widowhood or divorce. Both situations can be sad and lonely, but the Lord has blessed all of us by drawing us together. So, getting to know this group of Godly, funny women has become a new interest of mine.

I also love to sing, read, and watch films and some of the better television shows with my son.

How do you choose your settings for each book?

I enjoy setting stories nearby (in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area), because there is so much going on here and because it makes my research simpler. But my two most recent books were set at a beach house in San Diego. That setting came about through necessity—the books are the third and fourth installments in a series initiated by Sally John. All of those books are set at the same beach house, with different characters and storylines for each.

The proposals I’ve been putting together are a mix of the above; three of them are set in Washington, D.C., one of them is set in a little town in North Carolina (to fit with the publisher’s needs), and three of them are set in an imaginary town (again, for the publisher).

If you could spend an evening with one historical person, who would it be and why?

I think an evening with author P.G. Woodhouse would be fantastic fun. His writing was clever, charming, and sometimes silly—all of the things the Brits can do so well. He had a firm grasp on how seriously the upper class tends to take itself, and he knew how to take the stuffing out of just about any situation.

What is the one thing you wish you had known before you started writing novels?

I wish I had known how helpful groups like American Christian Fiction Writers could be. I have always had an invaluable critique group, but I considered groups like ACFW to be venues solely for published authors. Now I encourage anyone writing fiction to join ACFW because of the valuable education and moral support it offers. Even someone just starting out will benefit from the guidance available to every member, regardless of publication status.

What new lessons is the Lord teaching you right now?

He seems to be impressing upon me the importance of leaning on Him for the next steps in life. I have many new life phases approaching me, including the empty nest I mentioned and my plan to go back to a day job, even if only part-time. My heart starts to pitter pat when I think about the future. When that happens I’m immediately reminded that He has my best interests in hand. He’s always protected me, and He always will.

What are the three best things you can tell other authors to do to be successful?

a. Pray daily about your writing—ask for guidance and clear thoughts.
b. Try to write something daily, because that will affect how you absorb everything around you. Everyday events take on new significance.
c. Join American Christian Fiction Writers and read lots of novels and good books about writing.

Tell us about the featured book.

Here’s my short summary of Sunset Beach (Harvest House Publishers, June 2009):

Sonny Miller is tired of not knowing who she is. Soon she’ll begin graduate school to earn her masters in Psychology. But how can she counsel future clients about their identities when she isn’t even sure about her own? To that end she has cooked up a little meeting at a certain beach house in San Diego.

Sonny’s mother, classical soprano Teresa Miller, isn’t aware she’s about to be reunited at the beach house with her sister, Melanie Hines, after 25 years of estrangement. And Sonny isn’t aware her mother has invited a surprise guest of her own. Russian adoptee, Irina Petrova, finds herself dragged along on a trip so tumultuous she summons her handsome concert violinist brother for moral support.

The four women converge on the funky little beach house in San Diego, each with her own disappointments and hopes about family, identity, and love. For Sonny, the trip reveals all she expected and more than she ever dreamed.

I had a blast with these characters. There’s a romance in there, but there’s also plenty of fun conflict about family secrets.

How can readers find you on the Internet?

Here are my links:

My web site: http://www.trishperry.com/
My monthly column: http://www.christianfictiononlinemagazine.com/berzerk_stranger.html
My Shoutlife page: http://www.shoutlife.com/profile_view.cfm?uid=12222
My Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/home.php#/profile.php?id=1459576628&ref=profile
My Twitter page: twitter.com/TrishPerryBooks

Thanks, Lena.

It's always a pleasure to have you, Trish, and to learn more about you and your writing.

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Lori (sugarandgrits) said...

Great interview, Trish!

I have the first 3 books in "The Beach House" series, so I would love to win this one. My sister has "The Guy I'm Not Dating" and "Too Good To Be True". It was interesting how you & Sally John tied the Beach House into both series. They are all great reads!

Thank you for a chance to win your new book! Lori


Sherry Kuhn said...

The book sounds great! I love the cover.

Please enter me in the drawing.

Thanks so much.

Sherry K

Megan said...

I love it when 3 or 4 different main characters have interwoven (is that a word?) stories. and I was once a college student looking into going for my MA in psych program too, so I can relate!

I hope I win!

Carolynn said...

Please enter me! I love Trish Perry's Books. Thanks for the chance to win!

apple blossom said...

I'd love to win this book. Thanks

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Merry said...

I'm in a beach mood, so Trish's new book would be perfect. Include me, thanks!


Holly Magnuson said...

I'm really need an escape to the beach! But that's not coming anytime soon, so I'd love a chance to win Trish's book! Blessings to you both and thanks for sharing her interview.

Edna said...

I would love to win this book, the interview is good also.


Stormi said...

I love Trish's books, so I would love to win this book.


G.R.I.T.S. said...

She sound's like an author I want to add to my blog!!! and my book shelf!!! hehe....please sign me up!!!
Great Interview Lena
Rae Byuel

Sheila Deeth said...

I guess I'd thought things like ACFW were just for "real" authors too. Thanks. Nice to meet you and read about your books.

Kristen said...

Your book sounds wonderful Trish. I love spiritual novels with strong female characters and this sounds like it has plenty of both. I can't wait to read it. I found a good novel you might enjoy yourself called His Edge. The values of integrity, faith, love, and commitment are revealed throughout this novel and are very essential to every age

Unknown said...

Hey Trish!

Great interview. I have three daughters and in about 6 years will be an empty nester. You have to tell me your secret to actually getting along with your son. My daughter is 17 and I seem to be her target when she takes Emotional target practice. I was a single mom for a long time so I know how hard it can be.

The cover of your book looks so calm and relaxing. I have never read any of your work and can't wait to.


Donald James Parker said...

Trish's books are awesome. I'd like to add another one to my collection.
Donald James Parker
Author of Love Waits

Unknown said...

I have the first few books in this series. I enjoy reading about my favorite authors. Thanks for this interview.

Carmen said...

Count me in on the drawing. Thank you.

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Jo said...

I have read a few of Trish Perry's books and really enjoyed them. Please enter me in the drawing.


Ivÿ said...

I think I'm gonna like this book. The family thing and wondering how disappointments were dealt with got my curiosity piqued.

Do toss my name in the hat, please. :)



Debra Ullrick said...

You always have the nicest interviews, Lena.

I love Trish Perry's books. So, please, add my name to the drawing.

Thank you.
Debra Ullrick

Debra Ullrick said...

Oops. I forgot to leave my contact information.

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Debra Ullrick, who would forget her head if it weren't attached.

Ashley E said...

I've been meaning to read the Beach House books, but I keep getting distracted. As you said, too many good books out there! I'll have to up them on my list now, 'cause this one sounds good!

Trish Perry said...

How great to see all of the people participating in this drawing! I'm eager to get Sunset Beach into the winner's hands.

Val, I think the getting-along thing has much to do with gender. My daughter and I were like angry cats when she was a teen, and now we're the best of friends. Girls and moms can be a volatile mix until the girls get out on their own.

I appreciate the interview, Lena, and I hope anyone who reads Sunset Beach will let me know what they think! Thanks so much for the kind comments here!

Norma said...

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Emma said...

Hi Trish Great interview.Your book called sunset beach sounds wonderful.Please enter me in the drawing.Thank you.

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Carlene said...

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Carole said...

I'm drawn to books with a beach setting and Sunset Beach has a great cover. Thank you for the interview and chance to win a copy.

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Martha A. said...

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