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A RUBY CHRISTMAS - Marji Laine and Others - A Free Kindle Book

Bio: Marji is a homeschooling mom of four, with the oldest working in the mission field in Africa. She spends her days transporting to and from volleyball, teaching writing classes at a local co-op, and directing the children’s music program at her church. With decades of leading worship, directing and performing in theatre productions, and script-writing, Marji took the plunge to creating scintillating Christian romance and romantic suspense novels with a side of Texas sassy. She invites readers to unravel their inspiration, seeking a deeper knowledge of the Lord’s Great Mystery that invites us all.

Welcome, Marji, your collaborative novella, A Ruby Christmas, started a stir this week. But it’s not available from Amazon just yet?
No. This is a cool thing that Write Integrity Press did last year with The Christmas Tree Treasure Hunt. The chapters of A Ruby Christmas are posted on the publisher’s blog, one per day, until the final two chapters. They will be available only when the book releases on Amazon next week.

So the end of the story is only in the book?
Yes, but it gets better! A Ruby Christmas is actually FREE for the first four days. That way, anyone reading along can finish the story without interruption.

I see. So how does the collaboration work? How do so many different people write a cohesive story?
I don’t think it would be possible without the Lord’s guidance. Seriously. We’re all looking at the project from different perspectives, and we’re spread out all over the world. But we were united with the desire to draw Ruby forward, helping her realize her heavenly Father’s truth along with many truths about herself. Because of that unifying focus (and some amazing editors!) the story just folded together and gave Ruby life.

So how did you get involved?
Oh, I love that question! I was blessed to win the contest last year that allowed me to take part in The Christmas Tree Treasure Hunt. That was their first collaborative novella. It soared, catapulting all of us to Amazon Bestselling Authors list for over a week. This year, I found myself even more blessed to be invited to participate. Whee!

This time you got to participate as one of the authors?
Yes! And I had a short story included in their Valentine’s book, Heart Bouquets. I even get to be involved in a special novella this February.

All from just one contest?
The contests happen all through the year, so anyone – published or not – wanting to take the challenge should follow the Write Integrity Press blog.

Please tell us about the story.
Here’s a little about A Ruby Christmas: Ruby Joy Buckner, cowgirl, has never left the Lone Star State, but at her father’s request, she takes her faithful canine companion and travels the world in search of Nativity pieces. As Ruby collects the pieces, she also collects a few unexpected surprises, including an awareness of the beauty in other cultures, and quite a menagerie of new friends, thanks in part to Yippee Ti Yi Yo who charms everyone they meet.
Ruby’s budding awareness of life outside Texas opens her eyes to a world of whimsy, and the Nativity pieces she collects are unusual. Will her father approve her eclectic collection … and the changes that travel brought to Ruby’s life?

It sounds like a real fun read. I did read the first chapter, but I'll finish when I have the whole book. How can my readers find you on the Internet, Marji?
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A Ruby Christmas

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Diane Craver said...

Great blog, Lena!

Marji, you do have a busy life. My friend does a lot of neat things in Africa too. A Ruby Christmas sounds wonderful. I'm getting a new Kindle on Monday - old one quit on me so will definitely read it.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad, Diane! And I hope you love A RUBY CHRISTMAS as much as I did when I read through the final version the first time. So much fun!

Patricia PacJac Carroll said...

So excited for you Marji. I loved the story from last year and will be sure to get this year's.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Thanks, Patty! This has been so much fun!

Melanie Backus said...

Great today, Lena! A Ruby Christmas sounds like a real jewel!

Melanie Backus, TX

Norma S said...

Hi Marji, A Ruby Christmas, sounds like a great story. Can't wait to read it. Great interview Marji and Lena, God blessings to you both.
Norma from Ohio

sm said...

Sounds like a good story about leaving home for the first time. sharon, CA wileygreen1(at)yahoo(dot)com

Mary Preston said...

What a beautiful story line. One I look forward to.

Mary P


Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Hi Marji!! A Ruby Christmas sounds like a great book. Looking forward to reading it. I like one of the descriptions you give for the book (Texassassy).
Barbara Thompson

rubynreba said...

A Ruby Christmas looks wonderful. I'd love to read it.
Beth from Iowa

apple blossom said...

thanks for chance to win

live in ND

ABreading4fun [at] gmail [dot] com