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ABANDONED MEMORIES - MaryLu Tyndall - One Free Book

Readers, I read this book last week, and I loved it. As with many series, the last book is the best, but it’s always best if you read the other two in order. You learn the depth of the other two sets of main characters that way. Book one is Forsaken Dreams, the second Elusive Hope.

I’ve loved every MaryLu Tyndall book. She writes exciting stories with lots of twists and turns, then plays them out across an tapestry of vivid setting that is authentic to the time period and place. Her characters are multi-dimensional and always grab my heart.

Welcome back, MaryLu. How did you come up with the idea for this story?
Actually, this is the third and final book in my Escape to Paradise Series, so the storyline flows along from the first two books. The entire series I pitched as LOST meets Gone with the Wind. It’s the story of a group of Southerners who flee after they lost the Civil War and sail for Brazil in the hopes of starting a new Southern Utopia. The overall arching theme is that God predestined each one of them to come to Brazil for a specific task. Each of the six main character’s lives are intertwined in ways they could never have predicted but ways which led them to Brazil at a certain time and place for a certain purpose.

Each book follows the romance of two of the characters, and in Abandoned Memories we watch how the Doctor who is terrified of blood falls for the woman with a sordid past. We also find out why God drew the colonists to Brazil and what does it have to do with gold and an evil temple and visions which haunt them. Exciting stuff!

Yes, it is. A book that is hard to put down. If you were planning a party with Christian authors of contemporary fiction, what six people would you invite and why?
Irene Hannon because I recently discovered her great suspense books
Ronie Kendig. Love love love her military suspense!
Francine Rivers because I haven’t met a Francine Rivers book I didn’t like
Joel Rosenberg because I’d like to hear his perspective on End Times and Israel
Ted Dekker because he’d definitely add an entertaining element to the party
Camy Tang because she’s just plain cool

Now let’s do that for a party for Christian authors of historical fiction, what six people would you invite and why?
Laurie Alice Eakes because she’s one of the best writers I know
Michelle Gripe because she promised me a sword fight
You because you’re such a sweet encourager!
Julie Lessman because we are twin sisters separated at birth
Laura Frantz because I love her heart for the Lord
Lori Benton because she’s one of my new favorite authors

Thank you for including me in that list with authors I also admire. Many times, people (and other authors) think you have it made with so many books published. What is your most difficult problem with writing at this time in your career?
Many people may not know this but Abandoned Memories is my last contracted book with a traditional publisher. I’ve started self-publishing my books and already have one out, The Ransom, and another in the works. This is a very exciting time for authors because we have so many more choices now than we used to have and a lot more freedom. My most difficult problem I struggle with now is learning the ropes of managing my own career. But, honestly, I’m having fun doing it!

My readers are familiar with The Ransom, because we’ve featured it on the blog already. I loved it as well. Tell us about the featured book.
As I said above, Abandoned Memories is book 3 in my Escape to Paradise series. It isn’t necessary that you read the first two, but I recommend it because all the main characters flow through the three stories. However, I don’t think it would be too hard to catch up with what’s happening. Here’s the back cover blurb.

It is 1866 and the fledgling Confederate colony of New Hope is Angeline Moore’s last chance at a normal life. Running from the law, she longs to make a fresh start in this new Southern Utopia. But a series of strange disasters threaten to destroy everything the colonists have worked for, and strange visions threaten to reveal a past Angeline is desperate to hide.

James Callaway failed at both doctoring and preaching, but he hopes that his move to Brazil will give him another chance to become the spiritual leader he so desires. He longs to create a world free from the immorality that plagued every street corner back home and ruined his life. And he believes Angeline is just the sort of refined woman he needs to keep him on the right track.

But something is amiss in New Hope: haunting visions, the discovery of crypts beneath an ancient temple, and an archaic Hebrew book, set the colonists’ fears on edge. When one of their own is murdered, a series of disasters leads them to believe God has brought them to Brazil to defeat an evil that, if unleashed, could wreak havoc on the entire world.

I especially loved the spiritual warfare aspect of this series. Please give us the first page of the book.
October 18th, 1866 The jungles of Brazil
The ground shook like a ship in a sea squall. Dirt and rocks pelted Angeline ... striking ... stinging. Her heart seized. Covering her head, she spun and staggered back the way she’d come—up toward the tunnel entrance and into the temple, where at least she wouldn’t be buried alive. Unless the roof of the ancient shrine caved in. A violent jolt struck, launching her against the rock wall as if she were made of paper. Pain radiated up her arm. Her legs quivered like the ground beneath them, and she fell onto the shifting dirt.

The hand that engulfed hers was rough like old rope, powerful, yet warm. An equally powerful arm swung around her waist as tremors wracked the tunnels. “Hang on. You’re safe,” James spoke in her ear, covering her head with his own. Pebbles rained down on them. Coughing, Angeline flung a hand to her mouth when the quaking finally stopped.

She drew a deep breath, her lungs filling with dust scented with spice and man and James. And standing there, ensconced in his embrace, fears that had risen so quickly when the ground had begun to shake suddenly vanished. She hated herself for it. She pushed from him. The stench of sulfur and mold instantly swept away his masculine aroma and resurrected her terror.

James stared at her oddly while he said to the men, “I told you we should not have brought the women.”

Brushing dirt from her skirts, Eliza, who stood in front of them with her husband, Blake, turned to face him. “You had no say in it, Doctor. We insisted. Did we not?” She smiled at Angeline. “There’s nothing to fear from a little shaking.”

Angeline wasn’t so sure. But then again, she didn’t possess Eliza’s courage and strength. Few women did. Those qualities, along with a multitude of others, were the reason Angeline admired her friend so much—the reason she’d cast aside her fears and agreed to venture into the eerie temple they’d found in the middle of the Brazilian jungle.

And then down into the tunnels beneath.

Yet at the moment, Eliza looked as if someone had dumped a bucket of chalk powder on her head. If Angeline weren’t so frightened, she’d giggle at the sight. But her alarm at being so far below ground during an earthquake stifled any laughter. She never should have come along. The men had insisted on investigating a loud explosion they’d heard last night that had shaken the ground all the way to their settlement of New Hope. When they feared it came from the temple, Eliza’s concern for Mr. Graves mounted, but now that Angeline had seen the ancient ruin and experienced the stink and heat of the narrow tunnels that spanned beneath it, she wondered why anyone would want to return. Or live here, as Mr. Graves had done since they’d arrived in Brazil.
Mr. Graves was one of the reasons Angeline had joined them today—to witness for herself the madman “digging his way to hell,” according to some of the colonists’ reports. Exaggerated reports, she was sure, but after Eliza had regaled her with further tales of gruesome obelisks, prison alcoves hewn in rock, strange Latin and Hebrew inscriptions, and Graves’s obsession with releasing powerful, invisible creatures, Angeline’s curiosity had gotten the best of her—regardless of James’s insistence that she remain in town. Or maybe because of it. Angeline grew tired of men dictating her. Telling her how to live and what to do and how to behave.

And using her like a dried-up commodity.

So, she’d come. And now, despite the heat and the terror and the pain, the look of approval in Eliza’s eyes made it all worth it. Almost.

How can readers find you on the Internet?

Thank you, MaryLu, for sharing this new book with us.

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KayM said...

I've only read the first book in the series. I have the second one. I'm looking forward to reading the last two books. Thank you for offering a copy of Abandoned Memories.

Britney Adams said...

This exciting series is on my TBR list and I am eager to get started!

Britney Adams, TX

Susan Johnson said...

I have the first two books in this series. Thank you for the chance to win a copy of the third one.
Susan in Texas

Anonymous said...

Love her books! I'm in New Jersey:)

MaryLu Tyndall said...

Hi Ladies!! Thank you for your kind comments and for dropping by and entering! I truly hope this series blesses people. :-)
Thank you also Lena for having me on and for reading Abandoned Memories. I appreciate you so much!

I need to go out for a bit but will drop by later. Blessings to all!

Amy K said...

I love LOST, so how have I not heard of these books/series? I have only read one of Mary Lu's books, but my friend keeps begging me to read them. This series sounds like a good place to start.
Thanks for doing the interview.
I do all my reading in southern WI.

Heidi Reads... said...

I've heard such wonderful things about her books! I'm looking forward to starting the series! Thanks for the giveaway!

Heidi, CA

Brittany said...

Hi MaryLu! You know I love this series! Thanks so much for the chance to win Abandoned Memories.
Brittany McEuen (Texas)

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I'd love to win!
Courtney C. from AR

Cindy W. said...

Oh I would love to win this book!

I live in Indiana.

Smiles & blessings,
Cindy W.

MaryLu Tyndall said...

Thanks everyone! I was at a charity event today at a local park but it was 90 degrees out and they were having a bbq. Crazy. Thank God for air conditioning. :-)

I appreciate your interest in winning this book. This was a hard series for me to write. I had to keep track of so many characters and all their lives are intertwined, both before coming to Brazil and after. They each touched each other in such a way that it led them to Brazil, though many of them had never met. But God had it all planned out! Anyway, I'm babbling... have a great weekend!

Bonnie Roof said...

Loved this interview, MaryLu and Lena!! Thank you!!

I'm currently reading "Forsaken Dreams" and loving it - "Elusive Hope" is close by, I love being able to read books in a series without pause!!

I, also, love the spiritual warfare aspect of "Abandoned Memories" and the fact that God predestined the characters to come to Brazil. I think He delights in orchestrating situations beyond our wildest imagination - He is one amazing God who is able to direct life plans for every person on earth, at the same time!!

Loved your "babbling" MaryLu and am always amazed at how writers are able to keep track of all their characters, especially after writing numerous books. The fact that each character creates a life and voice of his/her own for their writers (even waking them during the night, at times) is absolutely amazing to me!!



Shared post!!

Diana Gardner said...

Portsmouth, VA

Liz R said...

I always love MaryLu's books and I'd love to win a copy of this book!

Liz R in Alabama

Mary Preston said...

A wonderful first page thank you.

Mary P


kam110476 said...

Hi Marylu & Lena! Thanks for the chance to win a copy of Abandoned Memories! I have the first two in this series but hate reading a series if I don't have all the books in it available.
Marylu, please, please, pretty please may I come to your author parties? I'd love to go to both but if I have to choose just one I prefer you historical fiction party because I absolutely adore all six authors on your invite list!!
Kristen in OK
kam110476 at gmail dot com

Christy said...

I would love to win a copy. This would be a first read from this artist for me. Sounds like an exciting read. Christy in North Carolina

Unknown said...

I love MaryLu's novels, and am looking forward to this one. Thanks for the chance to win! Great interview, too! Thanks, Lena and MaryLu!

Anonymous said...

My sister loves all books by this author and even convinced me to read the kings pirates books. Turns out she's right, this author IS a great author. I'd love to win this book!
J.C. -Indiana-

Cindi A said...

After reading the first two books in the series, I'm REALLY looking forward to reading the third one. Forsaken Dreams was great and Elusive Hope, even better. I can't wait to read the conclusion the these character's journey.

Cindi Altman from PA

Sarah Rebekah Richmond said...

Wow, what an amazing giveaway, I would love to win this book!!!
Mary all of your books look awesome and would love the chance to read them!!!
Thanks for the giveaway and God Bless you!!!
North Carolina
Sarah Richmond

Pam K. said...

I've read the first two books in this series and found them to be very unique. I'd never heard that some southerners left for Brazil after the Civil War until I started reading about MaryLu's series. The way the second book ended made Abandoned Memories high on my "want list." It would be fantastic to win a copy here so I don't have to wait till my birthday (October) or Christmas.

Sharon Richmond Bryant said...

Enter me!!
Sharon Richmond Bryant

MaryLu Tyndall said...

Hi everyone! I hope your weekend is going great! Mine consists of chores and errands and hanging out with family. THANK YOU so much for all the kind comments from new readers and old (not in age) readers. LOL. Kristen if I ever have that author party, you are definitely invited! Along with everyone else here. :-)
Hugs and blessings to each one of you!

Abigail Mitchell said...

Love Mary's books!!! This one looks awesome! Please enter me!

Blanch, NC

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I'm llooking forward to reading this series!

Patty in SC

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Bookishqueen said...

I truly enjoyed the first two!
Rebekah TN

Anonymous said...

Hello Lena. Thanks for having MaryLu. She has some great books. This book sounds very good. I can understand how Angeline could be so scared. I would also be. First going in a tunnel, then can't imagine how scared I'd be when the earth started.shaking.. I am Maxie Anderson from Pasadena, Texas. I would love to win MaryLu's nook. Thanks for a chance.
Maxie > mac262(at)me(dot)com <

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Please drop my name in the hat... I'd love to read this one!

Anna Weaver Hurtt said...

Oops... Anna Weaver Hurtt from FL. :)

Melanie Backus said...

Count me in....It sounds great!

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MaryLu Tyndall is one of my favorite writers. I know this will be another good one!
Beth from IA

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I loved the authors she'd invite to the parties! Thank you from Indiana!

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thanks for the opportunity to read this fabulous story :)

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Beth M. Milwaukee,WI. Loved first 2 books and want to finish the series.

Beth said...