Saturday, July 05, 2014


Have You Joined Our Summer Reading Challenge?

Three months of reading challenge - June, July, August. Keep a list of all the books you read and list them this way:

List one will be books with covers on either sidebar of this blog. You will get 3 points for each of them you read.

List two will be the books featured on my blog that aren't in either sidebar. You will get 2 points for these.

List one will be any other book you read in these three months.

When you make your list, we want the title and author(s) of the book.

You'll be reporting on your progress at the end of each month. At the end of June and at the end of July, you can leave a comment with only the number of books read. At the end of August, we'll want your complete lists in the comments. The one who has the most points will receive a gift card to Deeper Shopping Online Christian store.

I'll be reading along with you. This is going to be fun.

Happy Reading!!!

Leave a comment with just the number of books you've read so far. We'll do the points at then of August.


Amy C said...

Do we add the number of books that are not Christian based?
I have read 26 that are Christian fiction and nonfiction for the month of June.

Lena Nelson Dooley said...

We count all the books we read, and at the end of August, you'll need to compile a list for one point books, which will include every book you've read that isn't a 2 point or 3 point book, then a list of 2 point books, and then the 3 point books.

The lists will need to include the title and authors.

Amy C said...

Ok. I have read 33 books for the month of June.

mongupp said...

I read 5 books in June!
Monica, Ontario

sm said...

11 books in June. I read on Kindle, hard copy and listen on CD, all at the same time! Love to read!
sharon, wileygreen1ATyahooDOTcom

Trixi O. said...

I hope this is the right place to leave a comment to win a copy of Mary Ellis's "Lady and an Officer". Thank you for the opportunity!

Lena Nelson Dooley said...

Trixie, you need to leave a comment on Mary Ellis's actual interview.

Trinity Rose said...

I read 8 books in the month of June.
Trinity Rose OH