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THE CRUX OF HONOR - Paula Mowery - One Free Ebook

Bio: Paula Mowery is a published author, acquisitions editor, and speaker. Her first two
published works were The Blessing Seer and Be The Blessing from Pelican Book Group. Both are women’s fiction, and their themes have been the topics of speaking engagements. Be The Blessing won the Selah Award in 2014 in the novella category. In November of 2013, her first romance released in the anthology, Brave New Century, from Prism Book Group. This book went to number five on Amazon’s bestseller category, historical Christian romance. Legacy and Love was her first solo romance and was a finalist in the Carolyn Readers Choice Awards in 2015. Her other titles include a Christian romantic suspense called For Our Good, a Christmas romance called Love Again, and a romance inspired from the Love Chapter called The Crux of Honor

Reviewers of her writing characterize it as “thundering with emotion.” Her articles have appeared in Woman’s World, The Christian Online Magazine, and the multi-author devotional blogs, Full Flavored Living and Putting on the New. She wrote a section for Join the Insanity by Rhonda Rhea. She has devotionals included in several collaborative books.

Having been an avid reader of Christian fiction, she now puts that love to use by writing book reviews. She is a member of ACFW and also on the faculty for the Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers Conference.

Paula is a pastor’s wife and mom to a college student. She homeschooled her daughter through all twelve years, and they both lived to tell about it. Before educating her daughter at home, she was an English teacher in public school.

Welcome, Paula. Tell us how much of yourself you write into your characters.
In each of my characters, I think you’ll find a little tidbit of me, especially the female characters. Much of the deep emotion that readers say I infuse into my stories could most likely be traced back to a time I experienced that emotion. However, there are characters I have given qualities that I wish I had, and I get to live it out vicariously through my fiction.

What is the quirkiest thing you have ever done?
This question came up recently, and I asked my daughter what she would say. She laughed and said, “The only way to answer is that you are quirky. Next to the word quirky in the dictionary is your picture, Mom.” 

When did you first discover that you were a writer?
As a young girl of around twelve I guess I wouldn’t have labeled myself a writer but I was. My mom worked at a bookstore and kept me stocked in books to read as well as journals to write in. As a young teacher in public school I always wrote right along with my students, setting the example. That morphed into writing more extensively as I penned several historical fiction stories while my daughter worked on her assignments for homeschool. After fifteen “practice” novels were filed away under my desk, I was inspired to write a Christian women’s fiction. This became my first contracted book. I guess when that offer came from the editor I felt it was official – I was a writer. Yet I had always been. Now I just had something published.

Tell us the range of the kinds of books you enjoy reading.
My reading tastes are mainly in Christian fiction of the romance or romantic suspense type. I have dipped barely into Christian thrillers. I enjoy an occasional historical fiction and even a good dose of humorous romance.

How do you keep your sanity in our run, run, run world?
Honestly, there are times I think I completely lose my sanity. I work part-time during the school year at an elementary school. When I come home, I start my other jobs which include author, acquiring editor, and pastor’s wife. The only way to stay afloat is to keep my priorities straight. God first. I read my Bible and connect with Him, asking for strength and guidance for what He would have me accomplish for my day. I make lots of lists and try to take each task one at a time as to due dates. I strive to use my time wisely and if I’m cranky, I take my hubby and daughter’s advice and take a nap.

How do you choose your characters’ names?
My characters’ names often come from a baby name book I purchased at a discount bookstore many years ago. An author friend suggested this to me and I have found it very helpful. I also like that I can get an idea of what the name means, which has influenced my choices.

What is the accomplishment that you are most proud of?
My husband and I decided to pull our daughter from public school and educate her at home. We so wanted the Christian influence and to make this a strong foundation in her life before she was on her own. I stopped teaching and came home. This meant no frills. We couldn’t afford elaborate vacations or eating out much. But it was so worth it. I am so proud of the young woman my daughter has become. She has surrendered her life to children’s ministry. Her heart is to see the children of Generation Z (born after 9/11) saved. She has already seen fruit from the investments in the children at our church. She will be a senior at Liberty University online next year and has maintained a much higher grade point average than I could ever have dreamed of when I was in school. What can I say? I’m a proud mama.

If you were an animal, which one would you be, and why?
I think I might be a seeing-eye dog. I try my best to guide those counting on me as I have been trained by the Handler. Sometimes I get distracted by a squirrel but tend to get back on track quickly.

Interesting. No one has chosen that animal before for my blog. What is your favorite food?
I’m not sure I have just one favorite food. I’m more of a depends-on-my-mood-for-the-day kind of person. Mexican food is something I eat regularly, but I like all kinds of seafood. During the summer months when my hubby is king of the grill, he makes a mean juicy burger.

Yum. You’re making me hungry. What is the problem with writing that was your greatest roadblock, and how did you overcome it?
Honestly, the biggest roadblock I’ve had in writing is finding the time. The way I have overcome this lack of time is to write anywhere and everywhere. I’ve been known to write on scenes in a notebook while stirring dinner on the stove. Thankfully I don’t get carsick, so I can read and write during trips. I have paper in every location should thoughts warrant scribbling down ideas.

Tell us about the featured book.
The Crux of Honor is in a series of books from Prism Book Group based on First Corinthians 13, The Love Chapter. Obviously, my phrase was love does not dishonor. The main character has always been told that she dishonors her family. Long-held secrets are revealed, and she learns the unconditional love available from God.

Chelsea Wilson’s life is a constant reminder of what living dishonorably looks like. At every turn she continues to prove her mother’s shunning must be deserved.

Dr. Kevin Alley returns to the old home place to establish his medical practice. After running into Chelsea, he knows his love for her is still strong.

Chelsea is ousted from her small rented room when her mother bursts in, proclaiming Chelsea’s pregnancy.

Kevin takes Chelsea in, giving her space to live on the upper level of his house.

When Chelsea’s baby displays life-threatening symptoms, Chelsea must face her mother. Secrets unfold about Chelsea’s parents. Can Chelsea and Kevin uncover the secrets linked to Amish heritage in time to save the baby? Can the two find love together despite their history?

Please give us the first page of the book.
Chelsea Wilson stared at Samuel’s face as he repeated his apology. The small town campus bustled in the background.

Chelsea, I’m sorry. I’m ready to go back and join the Amish church and be baptized.”

She nodded as tears slid down her cheeks. Her pulse strummed in her ears.

He grasped her hand and leaned closer. “But that doesn’t mean we can’t be together. Come back with me. It’s not unheard of...”

“No.” Her voice was low, almost a whisper. She studied his plain clothes. “Samuel, I think down deep we both knew this day would come. You never fit here, and I would never fit there.”

“You will hate me, ja?” His Amish accent crooned.

“No. I respect your heart-felt decision. I can see it in your eyes. It’s what’s right for you.”

“And you? What is right for you?” Honesty poured from his big brown eyes.

“I’m not sure.”

“You will find your way. Trust God.” He pulled her head to his chest and wrapped his arms around her back. She leaned into his embrace for a moment and then backed away. He replaced his black felt hat atop his head, nodded, and marched toward the junior college parking lot.

A stream of tears blurred his silhouette. Chelsea planted her face in her hands, thankful for the concrete bench under her to keep her from sinking to the ground. How could she be so stupid? Her mother had warned her to stop fraternizing with a young man on Rumpspringa. When she refused, her mother had kicked her out of the family home. Chelsea couldn’t help chuckling at her mother’s rich vocabulary. Fraternizing and banished. Why did her mother have to be right? As small as the town of Integrity, Tennessee, was, Mother would discover the news of her break-up by nightfall.

She wrapped her arms around her waist. I can’t sit here feeling sorry for myself. She swiped her cheeks with the backs of her hands and rose to her feet. Draping her book bag over her shoulder, she shuffled toward the library. She would focus on studying for her final exam. There was plenty of time to cry her eyes out later, alone, in her tiny rented room.

How can readers find you on the Internet?
Please visit my blog, where you’ll find other links to connect with me.

Thank you, Paula, for sharing this book with us. I'm eager to read it.

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Paula Mowery said...

Thanks so much for hosting me! A couple of your questions were quite unique and I had to really mull them over.

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Nice interview. north platte nebraska.

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This looks good!
J.C. -Indiana-

Paula Mowery said...

Thanks for stopping in Kim and J.C.!

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This book sounds great. I would love to win a copy. I enjoyed the interview.
Brenda in VA

Kathy A said...

Thank you for sharing with us your struggle with finding the time to write and the need to spend time with Christ first by reading the Word of God. How awesome that your daughter has such a high gpa. I believe all home schooled children succeed due to the quality education they receive at home.

Your book sounds very interesting and I can't wait to read it.

Thank you for offerring the giveaway of "The Crux of Honor".

Kathy Anderson from The Flowerbox City, Neosho, MO

Paula Mowery said...

Thanks for stopping in Brenda and Kathy. Glad you enjoyed the interview. And Kathy, I wouldn't trade those home school years for anything, even though there were some tough times. I'm grateful God afforded me that opportunity.

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Thanks for sharing your thoughts and the first page.
Connie from KY

Paula Mowery said...

Thanks for stopping in, Connie.

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I always enjoy those "first page" blurbs! They suck me in and make me eager to start a new book. This one sounds great. Would love to win!

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