Saturday, September 20, 2014

SING OVER ME, DVD - Dennis Jernigan - Free Online Viewing Through September

I first heard Dennis Jernigan in the 1980s in concert at our church in Texas. He came to our church more than once, and our choir, which I sang in, did a lot of his music. Since the 1980s, he has written the music my heart feels. During that time, I learned about bits and pieces of his history and his deliverance.

I'm really not a fan of documentaries, but this one touched my heart. This DVD tells the whole story, revealing the awesome power of God in all of our lives. I thoroughly enjoyed revisiting his music, which led me into worship times with the Lord during much of the music. His story is one that needs to be told today. It will bring hope to many people who see no hope in their future because of their addictions, sexual or otherwise. I think that every Christian should view this story.

Bio: Dennis Jernigan is one of the most popular and prolific worship leaders of our time, having written more than 2,200 songs, including “You Are My All in All” and “Hands Lifted High.” He has released over 30 full-length CDs, multiple songbooks and folios, and has authored more than five books including his most recent, What Every Boy Should Know…What Every Man Wishes His Dad Had Told Him. His newest full-length CD is titled, Days of Awe. Dennis graduated from Oklahoma Baptist University in 1981 with a music degree. Dennis and his wife, Melinda, live in Muskogee, Oklahoma, where they enjoy visits from their grown children and grandchildren. They serve as pastors in a home church in Muskogee. Learn more at

Sing Over Me DVD - Dennis Jernigan

In Sing Over Me, veteran hymn writer Dennis Jernigan alters the public conversation about homosexuality by revealing his struggles with same sex attraction and how he was delivered.

Jernigan first felt “different” at 5 years old, when a man in a public bathroom asked Dennis to touch him. He eventually began sexually experimenting with other boys.

“I used to think God hated me,” Jernigan said. At church Jernigan only heard how much God hated homosexuality. He hid. He battled shame. He walked the path of temptation, failure and guilt, until one day in 1981, at a 2nd Chapter of Acts concert.

Prophesying from the stage, Annie Herring said, “God sees everything you think you are hiding. Whatever it is, He loves you anyway.” Jernigan gave his shame to God, and received God’s love in return.

“The most asked question of my life, ‘Was your healing instant, or was it a process?’” Jernigan said. “The answer is yes.” He was made a new creation that day, and since then he has been in the process of allowing God to remove things from his life. He shares his story in the hope others will find freedom and healing. And others are.

Jernigan has been married to his wife Melinda for 31 years and they have 9 children together. Dennis and Melinda live on a farm in rural Oklahoma. Jernigan is the author of well-known songs like We Will Worship the Lamb of Glory, All in All, Who Can Satisfy, and hundreds more.

Sing Over Me includes footage of Jernigan visiting his childhood home, church, and college and even includes a recording of the moment Jernigan was set free. During the month of September, Sing Over Me will be available to stream free at Jernigan's story is also available in his autobiography of the same title, Sing Over Me.

Sing Over Me is available for sale and digital download at Vision Video


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