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Author Susan May Warren - THE PERFECT MATCH - Free Book

Welcome back, Susie. What are some of the spiritual themes you like to write about?

I usually have one overriding theme in my books: God loves us, wants to give us grace and strength for every situation, and when we trust Him, He’ll do amazing things in our lives. I believe that, and I put that truth into my books.

What other books of yours are coming out soon?

I just finished book 2 (Double Trouble) in my “Trouble” series – a fun, romantic, light suspense series about a wanna-be PI who just can’t seem to stay out of trouble. The first one, Nothing But Trouble comes out in May. I can’t wait! I’ve been working on this series for about 4 years feels like a dream come true to see it come to life.
Here’s the blurb for Nothing But Trouble:

It's not fair to say that trouble happens every time PJ Sugar is around, but it feels that way when she returns to her hometown, looking for a fresh start. Within a week, her former teacher is murdered and her best friend's husband is arrested as the number-one suspect. Although the police detective investigating the murder--who also happens to be PJ's former flame--is convinced it's an open-and-shut case, PJ's not so sure. She begins digging for clues in an effort to clear her friend's husband and ends up reigniting old passions, uncovering an international conspiracy, and solving a murder along the way. She also discovers that maybe God can use a woman who never seems to get it right.

It hits the stands just in time for a summer beach read! Go to: for sneak peeks and to sign up for free stuff and updates!

Sounds like a fun read. You have to come back for an interview. If you could spend an evening with one contemporary person (not a family member of yours), who would it be and why?

Oh boy, that’s tough. I have so many people I love spending time with – fellow authors, good friends, my church family. Are we supposed to find someone we admire we’d like to spend time with? Okay – how about Beth Moore? I love her studies, and she sounds like a really amazing person. I am also always inspired by speaker Susie Larson, who is sort of the Beth Moore of the upper Midwest. She brings insights into our conversations that so bless me. However, as I’m thinking about it, I think the same holds true for my friend, Rachel Hauck. She challenges me every day to trust God for amazing things. Probably you wanted me to pick someone famous and inspiring – but I’d rather hang out with my friends.

I know what you mean. My favorite time of the year is the ACFW national conference where I can spend time with the authors I know online. How long have you known that you wanted to be novelist?

I think I dreamed about it all my life, but never thought it would happen. I just sorta walked the road God put me on – as a missionary, committing my newsletters to Him, then as an article writer, then as a full-length novelist. I loved being a missionary before I got published, so I wasn’t looking for anything to make my life more exciting (believe me, living in Russia had plenty of excitement!) But I did love to write, and this season has given me an opportunity to trust God and see Him at work in my life in ways I wouldn’t have imagined. I’m very very grateful for the path God has me on.

What can you tell authors who have been receiving only rejections from publishers?

If you’re receiving only rejections, take a look at why. What theme seems to be prevailing? Is it about craft, or story idea? At that point, I might contact a professional to help (here’s a shameless plug for My Book Therapy, my fiction editing service, but the truth is I love to help authors figure out what isn’t working and propel them to the next level!) I’d also give it to fresh eyes – not your same critique group, but someone else who knows how a story works and can give you honest feedback.

Good advice Tell us about the featured book.

The Perfect Match was a book I wrote a while back – about a fire chief who is struggling to figure out why life matters. Of course, she wants to be the top of her game, and standing in the way seems to be local pastor Dan Matthews. I love Dan, because he’s sort of a quiet hero, standing behind the scenes, pouring out his life for others. Ellie doesn’t want to depend on anyone, but Dan seems to be always there when she needs help. And, of course, Dan doesn’t want her to fight fires…it’s so dangerous. So, they have lots of “sparks.” He he. The best part, however, is that God has a plan for both of them to learn to trust him. I threw in an arsonist for a bit of suspense, and of course it takes place in beautiful northern Minnesota. It won the ACFW book of the year in 2004. This is a shiny new repackage!

How can readers find you on the Internet?, and

Thank you for having me, Lena!

And thank you for spending this time with us. I always love having you as much as I enjoy reading your books.

Readers, you can order The Perfect Match by clicking on this link:

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Anonymous said...

Oh, my, I'd love to read The Perfect Match. My son-in-law's sister is a firefighter, so I could really relate to it. Susan helped teach a course I took at ACFW in Dallas - she was terrific!

Donna said...

I would love to read this one. I don't think I have read it but I remember I went through a period where I read everything I could by Susan.


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Oh, I would really love to read "The Perfect Match". Please enter me in the drawing for the book. It sounds wonderful!


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I haven't had the chance to read anything by Susan, but this sounds like a great book. Thanks for sharing this interview. Blessings to you both.

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Hi, I enjoyed Susan's interview and love her writing style! Please enter my name in your book drawing for her
The Perfect Match book. Many thanks, Cindi

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I love the PI series - sounds like fun. Susan's books are a treat to read.

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Hey all! Thank you for your comments -- and for those who have read it - THANK YOU!! It was certainly a fun one to write (I love any book about a strong woman, who finds her Perfect Match!)

Thanks for stopping by Lena's site!! Have a great day!

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I'm a huge fan of Susan's work. I'd love to win!


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This sounds like a very interesting book.

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Becky C.


Martha A. said...

i loved reading books by Susan set in northern Mn, because when I do, I know she has been there! i lived up there for several years and even though i love where i live now, I miss it sometimes and this gives me a taste of it!

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I've wanted to read one of Susan's books for quite a while now. Thank you for the interview and a chance to win The Perfect Match.

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Susan is such a versatile writer. I look forward to Nothing But Trouble, and I would love to win The Perfect Match.



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This is a great author.